“Innocence” this word and theme has been a lot in my mind lately and I wanted to take a wider look at. What is it and why I think we as adults should cultivate more innocence to our lives?

When we think of innocence we often relate it to children. “Those pure beings just doing and living the best way they know.” We are automatically allowing them to be and do whatever “because they are children and don’t have that big brain capacity yet.”

When did we grow out or changed from that? NEVER. We are still those same innocent beings. Only the mind capacity has grown, as well as all the other things in our field. Only the ALLOWANCE of feeling whatever arises has decreased and replaced with emotional confusion when we have learned to supress our feelings in order to not cause more harm to self.

Imagine a child making a “mistake”. S/he looks at you as a question mark, feels the confusion and maybe cries. The main thing is that the little one automatically feels all the feelings. If there then is a person who encourages and supports the childs needs with unconditional love, chances are that the kid will feel safe to try again what ever s/he was doing.

On the other hand, if the child is being blamed, shamed or laughed at and left without emotional support and love, the chances are s/he will get emotional trauma and will be afraid of trying again because “failing” hurt.

This is where the confusion starts that some carry in them for the rest of their lives.

Everyone makes and should make mistakes (shows that you are trying) but no one deserves to be blamed. Not your parents, not the government not yourself.

I want to get everyone out of the “you are an adult, you should know better” – thinking. We all are still those same innocent beings who try our best daily and make mistakes. The problem is that many are lacking that unconditional love from self and close ones and are afraid of making mistakes or look stupid in the eyes of others. If it’s the inner you blocking your flow and blaming, question how much you benefit from it and what would actually help. Ask what would love say.

We use so much of our mind capasity to plan future avoiding mistakes and look good in societal norms instead of actually doing and feeling what we need.

I see innocence as living pure from heart and mind and in awe of present. Trust and love yourself so much that you can live in that state of exploration (internal and external) every day. Welcome the confusion and see it as a challenge you can solve and level up.

Let’s return to innosence and bring more actual life and love in.

〰️ Tell yourself that it’s safe and exciting to explore all of your feelings especially when confused.

〰️ Learn to be and feel the now with all of your senses.

〰️ TRY when you next time get the feeling of “I’m not sure if…” when doing something.

〰️ Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable. Trust that people love you and want your best. If someone doesn’t, you get the possibility of explore confusion and level up again. Win-win.

Welcome the silliness, playfulness and not knowing back in to your life. Trust that you are unconditionally loved and perfect with all of your interests.

Life is so much more fun every day when there is less planning and more exploration. BE FREE to explore mentally, physically and sexually ??

I love you!

Nina xx

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