I love you men

I love you men.

So deeply that many of you run away before I even have time to introduce myself. I understand, some of you have old fears of attachment or it’s a first time when a girl shows you unconditional love straight away.

I adore women as they are the most incredible beings capable of whatever, but since I am a woman my attention goes to men.

Many women are still in need of deep nurturing (myself included) but so little have been talked about what men need.

As women want men to adore them from head to the toe, men needs to be seen from deepest corners to the outer brilliance.

When I meet guys, I feel many times they put automatically this “hero cape” on and just show how good everything is. This is beautiful but it doesn’t allow me to know what is really going on, what you need and what I could offer to you.

I can’t wait to see more and more men to step in to their power. I feel like there lies the great healing of humanity. Tell me men, how many of you have really felt worshipped, honoured and nurtured in your nature? I want to do my part and learn all about your needs. I will be in service to offer you my love and hold space for you to go through what you need. I am not afraid of your darkness.

“Men have been deliberately guided away from love energy, or its secrets have been hidden to them. In the very depth of their beings they’ve always desired and searched for it, but have been led in the wrong direction – misled onto paths of separation from the feminine and separation from love. ~Azra Bertrand”

So I call you men to show us what you need. It doesn’t mean that you are less of a man or less powerful if you allow women to help you. Vice versa, times of surviving alone are over. We have different things to offer to each others and this is how we come whole.

I want to see all men standing tall but soft, strong but open and letting us know how we can serve you.

I want to help you to bring out the warrior that you are. If you feel like connecting, opening your heart and stepping into your power, contact me and we can have a chat about what is it that your soul needs.

Much love,

Photo: Refuge by Android Jones

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