Energy is THE power

This is a different power consept that most of the people has used to. Old meaning of personal power consists of very masculine aspects of authority, money and status. These are all illusionary and can be taken away by others.

Consciousness is feminine, she doesn’t ask to be aknowledged, she knows her power just the way it is. No one can take any of this power away. No one can destroy the power that comes from your own energy.

In the old people work to get energy, in the new you let the energy work with you.

You get energy by serving your highest best and following what you truly need.

Very simple way put – the more energy is consciously put in your highest best the more powerful you are.

You know the feeling when you do something that makes you burst from happiness? THAT’S one of the purest form of energy and your job is to let your energy to guide you to get as much of that bliss as possible in all areas of your life – home, work, people, food, art, clothes, music… in everything that you “consume”.

That is why I choose my people carefully, why I consciously choose what I eat and wear and why I dance at the beach listening the music that speaks to my soul.

Joy and bliss are the highest forms of energy. They are beyond powerful and alchemise lower vibrancies automatically. Your job is to find out where do you get your bliss and see what areas in your life need more high vibrational energy and focus on solutions instead of getting your mind trapped in low vibrancies and sadness that everything isn’t that “amazing” than in the magazines or movies.

Currently I’m not powerful by the old meaning of it but when people see my energy they see my power. I work with my energy all the time, I use it consciously to the things that serve me. Only I can be the master of my own energy and my own power, and I have the whole field of excistence to decide what I want to do with it and where I want to put my energy.

My aim is to unite both power consepts and see how much personal power I can achieve. My goal is to get money, strenght and authority through my heart and consciousness. I aim to work with pure high frequency energy in every level and see how much beauty I can create with it all. This is how I embody my inner feminine and masculine and bring them out.

Get powerful and blissful.

I love you,

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