Hey there you beautiful source of light. I’m Nina, your fellow light carrier. My world spins daily in different dimensions and my focus is to deepen my connection in all areas of life to make my present life better and better and more consciouss all the time.

I had my awakening in 2012 and since that I’ve been doing deep soul travelling. I’ve been facing my fears, got understanding to my past and seen my potential to all that is yet to come. The most important thing that I have learned is that I have all the answers in me and tuning in with the love energy, there is nothing but right choises and answers. That is where my personal power comes from and that is what allows me to create the best life I can imagine.

During the recent years I have been also travelling and living in different countries and currently I enjoy my life in Australia (originally from Finland). I follow my heart daily and don’t plan things too much ahead, only if there is something that really resonates with me. My world is completely open canvas and I am the daily creator. I go and do where ever the energy guides me. I am ancient soul with futuristic mindset in modern body.

To me conscious living is everything. The more I tune in to myself and the source, the more I understand how this life is meant to live.

I created this blog to share information and ideas, initiate conversations and talk more about the things that need more attention. It all doesn’t necessarily resonate with everyone so follow your own guidance and take in what ever feels right and good for you.

My aim is to help people to understand deeper levels of life, empower and help you to create the best life for you. Through love, vulnerability, greatfulnes and courage the doors open to cosmic consciousness and abundant life. Let’s make everyone feel loved and understood.

I love you,